Monday, April 30, 2012

behind the scenes with emily doyle

So here's a little something I've never shared on this blog before: behind the scenes photographs!

From now on I am going to blog select casual snapshots in addition to my more formal image sets. I'll be blogging more regularly now, sharing the aforementioned snapshots as well as drawings, and perhaps even some of my writing! Though photos like these may not be the most artistic, I really would like to share more of my life with you all- my inspirations and adventures, and my overall my journey as a young artist. I turned nineteen this month, and in a moment of nostalgia, I went through all of my old photographs and drawings, and was astounded by how much I've grown these past few years! I see this blog as an archive of sorts, and I can't wait to look back on all of these posts in a few years and (hopefully) feel that same sense of growth. I have so much room to improve as an artist and person and am willing to take all the steps to reach my potential, and hopefully you all don't mind sharing this journey with me!

These images are from a shoot I was invited to by Emily Doyle, a fellow young photographer in my town of Gainesville, Florida. Maddie Hall was the model, and Megan Hill did hair and makeup. I'd already met Maddie and Megan before, but this was my first time meeting Emily. I am so happy I did that shoot with Maddie and Megan about a month back (glósoli), or I never would have met any of these gorgeous ladies. It's such a blessing to have found a group of young women with common interests, who can all learn from each other.

We met up at Emily's apartment in the early afternoon, prepped, and then went to downtown Gainesville to shoot. Sadly, I couldn't stay for the entire shoot, as I had a math final that night, so there aren't as many images as I would have liked. However, here are some of the moments I did capture!

Check out Emily's flickr for the final shots. :)

selecting the outfits
Megan the makeup artist
Emily overseeing the makeup
final touches
Megan went through an entire bottle of mini hairspray!
silly Maddie
the lovely photographer and model, ready to shoot

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